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No matter who you are, what you do or what you are, you need to crush it on Social Media and you need to do it now. At Reachive we were born with Social Media and we grow Facebook Pages and instagram accounts since we were Kids.

Professional Social Media Manager

At Reachive, we are obsessed by making the right choices. We work hard for every customer to find the best social media strategy and develop their brands through Social Media. We made the choice to work with very few customers so every customer can get his own Professional Social Media Manager.

Our Magic


At Rocket Social we carefully listen to your goal. We analyze your social media accounts and your competition before starting.


Once the analyze is done, we find the best strategy to use to Skyrocket your brand.


We do not just make you gain followers, we build influencers with high engagement rates on every platforms.

What we Focus On


Our Services

What we do

Social Media Posting

Your Social Media Manager will post industry related content on your social media profile. Those posts will be industry related, they can be pictures, videos, articles.


Engagement is the key to develop a true relationship with your audience. Your social media manager will answer questions, like pictures ( related to your industry ), and engage with your potential customers.

Sponsor & Boost Posts

If your social media presence is brand new, your social media manager will promote some engaging content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to develop a fan base.

They will take your social media to the next level.

The Social Media Team

The Process.

How it Works

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Competitors Research

To skyrocket your business on social media we will first identify influencers on your niche.

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We will define your targeted audience on Step 2, we will find the audience that buy your product.

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On Social Media, engagement is the key. We will engage with your competitor's followers to attract them using Growth Hacking methods.

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Influencer Marketing

Engaging is the best way to grow, but to truly skyrocket an account we use influencer marketing.

Feel free to leave us a message if you have any question.

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Social Media Management


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